First time catching pan fish on the Ice

1/21/2018 / 7:30AM – 1:30PM / 30.07 “Hg / 39* F/  Pontiac Lake / 12 panfish, 1 Pike, 1 Bow Fin / jig head, wax worms, shiners, minnows

The breeze was faint and the fog was dense.  A lot of moisture was in the air.  Pop up shanty was up and ripped some holes with a StrikeMaster Lazer 6” Auger connected to a cordless drill.  We placed 2 tipups each about 20-30 yards from the shelter.   Steve and I were all setup by 7:30AM Sunday Morning.   I used a Skandia Tungsten Jig with a wax worm for my first setup.  1st line down and boom!  Fish on.  Pulled up a little 6in crappie.  Fast forward 11 panfish later with  Wax Worms and the Skandia Tungsten Jig combo.  This was my first time catching panfish through the ice.

This was a special day for Steve.   He’s been skunked the past 4 weekends.  Today he was able to catch some panfish using wax worms on a jig head.   He’s still at zero on the tip ups. I’ve been having some issues with this particular tip up. Most of the time it flags and nothing will be on the other end. But this time we had a nice size Bow Fin on. That video cracks me up because Steve was pissed that I was disappointed with “another bow fin”.

I caught my second Northern Pike of the season on my second tip up.